Danny Hirschberger
We were, of course, hesitant to try using Keyboost but decided to try the free trial and it worked!! We went from 18th position to 6th which was impressive and now we will try again with 16 more keywords.So far so good. They clearly know what they are doing. Will come back in a few months and report again on hopefully a successful campaign.
Excellent performance the keyword boost has given me the results on some of the highest competition keywords.
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I asked for a free KEYBOOST test for a very competitive keyword and was surprised at the efficiency of this service.
Indeed, this keyword that was on page 3 of Google, has improved considerably to almost reach the first page in just a few days.
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Good work, seriousness and good follow-up.
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Keyboost works very well. Very soon after the start we reached position 5 in Google.
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Excellent results for our website. Ranked high in google. Highly recommended.
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I didn't have much faith in it, but during the free Keyboost test for my site, I quickly noticed a number of visits and extra sales, with only one keyword.
I highly recommend KEYBOOST to improve the performance of your site.
Just did a trial with KeyBoost and it works, we went from page 2 to page 1 and that is of course the only page that matters. Now let's see if we can keep it going....
Engel Geukens
Keyboost proves its usefulness by raising the ranking in a few weeks on the basis of 1 keyword. The extent to which this will generate more visitors and thus increase sales is difficult to estimate on the basis of 1 keyword. For some time you should have the opportunity to see if the higher rankings result in more sales on the basis of several essential keywords for your site.
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We have recently had a boost from Keyboost. It worked, it had great results. We were immediately findable and approachable for customers, well visible and that is the most important thing because it pays off immediately. Thanks to Keyboost.
Ilse De Vis
I was very sceptical in the beginning. But effectively, afther a bit more than a week time I was on the 1st page in Google! Good work guys!
Christian Stintzy
Efficient service and a team ready to listen, even in complicated cases. A interesting tool provided that your questions are precise and that you follow the advice provided by this team, which is obviously very competent.
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We were septical, but we notice that our site is positioned at the 13th position instead of the 17th, for 'faire-par mariage original'. Beautiful performance by Keyboost.
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My site is ranking higher in an incredible way, well done!
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KEYBOOST works wonderfully and has even far exceeded our expectations, I highly recommend you test it, the trial is free and it only takes a short time to subscribe.
Indeed, the free trial period of KEYBOOST has incredibly optimized our website,, in Google search results. We reached the 3rd place and even managed to surpass some of our competitors who were, before Keyboost optimization, always better ranked than us.
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Don't hesitate one second longer and visit the website to sign up for a free trial of KEYBOOST and discover its undeniable power. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed and on the contrary, will be very satisfied with the results.
Good referencing!
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Very good experience! We got a very fast result, passing for a competitive keyword from 3° to 2° page.
Thank you, team Keyboost!
I tested KEYBOOST and it gave an excellent result for my tourism in India website during the free trial period, my website was well placed in google. TOP.
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After testing the free search engine optimization offer, I'm amazed at how fast the keyword climbed in Google search results.
Ger de Boer
We also made use of the free Keyboost offer for our restaurant. It is a miraculous phenomenon, our website shot up like a rocket.
The Keyboost offer is fun and good, and not intrusive. We are often approached by all kinds of parties that usually pretend to be Google, we have never gone into that before.
With Keyboost this is not the case at all, they offer to prove themselves first, and they certainly have done so.
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I'm testing Keyboost Français on a keyword.
Just to see...
Well, now I see!
On a competitive keyword, 9900 exact searches per month, I moved from position 72 to position 18 in just over a month!!
I'm waiting to see what it will look like after 3 months, but I have to admit that, for the moment, it's pretty impressive, their service.
Leslie Aymard
We have tested the free offer to boost our website for our activity in the magic show Kiko and Eva Magic Events.
Bravo, that worked fine, we ask for a quote to be able to continue. Thank you.
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I tested the Keyboost offer for our site which sells food supplements and we are really arrived on the first page for liver cleansing! Congratulations to Keyboost.
Laure Martignac
I tested Keyboost's free offer to boost our gite rental site in Guadeloupe (our site is, I think, quite commercial, but it is true that it is useless to have an excellent product if nobody sees it...).
We passed in a few days from 54th place to 12th place, and customers coming directly via our site contacted us, which was rare before.
Everyone has a job to do:
We take very good care of our gites, our holiday guests...
Keyboost is also doing a great job of letting you know!!
Thank you for this big boost...
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Within no-time, my website kadoshopdeduizendpoot moved up in Google. Surprised how fast this went. Keyboost does what it promises. A very fast increase in Google. Thanks for the free trial.
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In the market of delivering meals at home (even if we do not deliver our gastronomic dishes anywhere in France ), competition is very strong! Ipower has succeeded in raising our site to the first page of Google, among the very first, in this very competitive sector. I recommend it!
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I am very pleased with the way in which Keyboost made my website more searchable for search engines and how this resulted in a significantly better position. Thank you for that! An absolute must!
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Also ran the free trial on our website, for holiday homes in the Eifel. Indeed, the effect is deceet. From 91th to 30th position with only a few keywords.s
Sylvie Van Den Meerendonk
Got my website for the keyword 'outplacement Amsterdam' in a few weeks on 1 in Google.
I also applied for the free Keyboost trial for Tankpas applications. Our website now is on the first page in Google for the keyword 'fuel pass'. How they do it, I do not know, but nevertheless, it's pretty. They can present a quote for follow-up!
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I tested the Keyboost offer for the keyword 'original jewelry'. I switched in a few days from position 21 to position 3. I am very satisfied with the result, I increased the attendance on my site and made good sales. The test of the offer is free, why deprive yourself?
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Impressive! Keyboost is just awesome! Thanks to the free offer with the keyword "what to do this weekend in the north", the site went to the 5th position in Google!
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We tested KEYBOOST, it is very serious, our position has improved after a few days, I highly recommend it +++++
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I was very skeptical at first, I tested on a very popular keyword here, knowing that we are 300 in the region for the same offer. From position 32, we went up to the 7th position very quickly, so on the 1st page. The principle, that I do not know, is very effective indeed, bravo and thank you for this help.
Coiffshop Les Pros Coiffeurs
Very responsive, we have checked it and the service remains very good.
Marijke van den Noord
I was given the opportunity to participate in a free Keyboost test. I was on the third page and hey presto on the first page. Great. But how do I keep that place? Let's have a look at what they can do for me next.
ferry van toor
It works. My experiences are all positive!
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Thanks to the boost by Keyboost, the ranking of Google has risen over a few days so we now are listed on the first page. With only the passing of the keywords, Keyboost's ranking is pushed upwards. Simple and fast. Top! Greetings - Marcel from Porsche Gadgets and Collectables
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I just had a new website built for the "Scooter Experience". Today's success is partly determined by the ranking in Google. SEO itself is a separate subject, proves Gregory Lienard by conducting a Keyboost test for my website. He has proven that he really influences the ranking of the website. Nice job!
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Keyboost does what it promised. Within a few weeks higher positions in Google. Even on page 1!
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Last week I was approached by Keyboost, if I wanted to use the free Keyboost test. With suspicion, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and have registered for the free test, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I thought. After a week, they got the chance to boost my webpage from position 60 in Google to page 1. Really top! I am curious what they can do for me further.
I had the trial period at Keyboost and for the most searched keyword in our industry our website went within a few business days from page 3 in Google to the 3rd place on page 1! Can not say anything else but that it worked. Nice to be able to test it for free.
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Keyboost via Keyboost really works!
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As a marketing manager of WACSonline, it's my job to make our software for garage and fleet management sexy. A huge challenge, but on the social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), it's possible to gain quite some traffic. Just on Google, I did not find the right tactic to improve our ratings and then Keyboost came up with the proposal for a free trial. In under a week, we jumped with the words 'garage' and 'software' from the 20th to the 7th place, or from page 2 to the middle of page 1. Handsome work by Keyboost. And without having to change anything on the website! Kind regards, Jan de Jong, Sales and Marketing WACSonline.
Crista Groenewoud
Within 3 weeks from the 24th to the 6th position. Great, a real must. I'm going to promote several localities since I work between Zeewolde and Zwolle (The Netherlands). I'll let you know how this evolves.
In recent days it's very noticable that our website has been boosted. We get much more demands than normal in this time of the year and the number of visitors has increased significantly. If you want results quickly, this is a must.
Keyboost has improved my rankings in Google. Thanks very much.
Excellent work, we are now on the first page starting from "nowhere". Impressive result, valuable advice and 100% effectiveness: I highly recommend this tool.
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We were looking for a solution to up our site in Google searches naturally and we have put Keyboost to the test. On first sight, it seems to works flawlessly. Within weeks, we arrived just behind Google’s paid ads...
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My website has had an enormous boost thanks to Keyboost!
John Vangeebergen
Indeed, my site climbed to the 14th position. I’m curious if this can still improve. And I’m also curious if this improved position will lead to extra demands.
Janneke Wijma
Completely surprised with this neat advance, from 9 to 4 within a few days! Nice trial that we probably will be doing something with in the future! Thanks!
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Recentely tested and surely adopted.
As the first photography company in the south of France, Studio Photo B612, Keyboost has allowed us to return to the first page in Google (we climbed from the 51th to the 10th position in one week). An excellent work that I highly recommend.
Lisette Dijkma
Thank you for a boost to a higher position!
Erwin R V Roosenstein
I have had a trial for the keyword ‘mariage DJ’, after I stood for months in the upper half of page 2 (first to fifth position) in Google, I went during the trial to position 4 on page 1. The demands for offers finally came in plentyfully. It would be nice if this could continue.
Marc Pandelakis
Immediate effect, Keyboost made my site appear on the second page in Google search results, for a new keyword determinant for its frequency. Very effective.
Still a bit hesitant due to the reviews but the free trial/test seem to work very well, thanks.
Duco Mollema
For my website, the Keyboost trial worked just fine. My website has climbed from the 19th position in Google to the 9th. Well done!
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Dear Keyboost. Until now the boost looks good for our site lampenconcurrent! Now let’s wait a while to see if it gets even higher.
Keyboost has boosted our site in Google. From position 24 to position 4. Therefore I got significantly more order the last few week. I’m very pleased and recommend Keyboost to entrepreneurs.
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My experience is good. At the moment I’m calling on them to boost my photography company. really needs this boost. I honestly believe that Keyboost can achieve this.
Michel Sablier
In only 8 days my site has gained 2 positions in one of the searches done by Google. Thanks for your help @keralaforever
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One week our website has been boosted and the progression is neat! Now we’ll have to find out what the deal is in the long run.
Annick Seys
What can I say? In one week our position in Google climbed a few pages! Highly recommended!
Joris Gresnigt
Indeed it works, Mindvolleven rose quickly from position 12 to 5. Offcourse this won’t last, if you do nothing, you’ll sink until you get/buy another boost. I’m considering the last option.
Henk Giftsware
There has been a boost for one keyword, from position 11 to 6 in Google.
Quite good in a market that is somehow overstressed in Google. Everybody tries to get their company to score well in the search results. Too bad that the market is so depending on a good Google result. The first 10 are the ones that matter, the rest is falling away. I’m considering to convert the test in an order for 35 keywords.
Danny Kronstrom
Thanks. I just started to use Keyboost. I can’t wait to see the result!
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Keyboost surely gets results and especially in a short time. A tool that first proofs that it works is rare on the SEO market. I can recommend it warmly.
The Keyboost test of Keyboost has raised the keyword 'boxing workshop' in three weeks from the 12th to the 1st place in Google. No idea how it’s done, but the result is amazing. I consider seriously to call upon them for my services..
Verbracke Jean Pierre
Already results within a few days, to be continued. Definitely worth a try….
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Fast and efficient service, my site has climbed rapidly thanks to KEYBOOST.
Erotrend Veghel
They do as they promise and it works fine.
Our site Business Catering Services went from position 10 in Google organic within a few weeks to position 4. So Keyboost works perfectly. Thanks.
Within one week my site reached the first position, something I have been trying for about half a year. SUPER well done!
I’ll definitely go further with Keyboost.
I will recommend this trial to anybody, so they can see what real professionals can achieve. And don’t have to invest time and trouble themselves.
Gaby Van Der Meer-Maier
I have never really trusted it, but this time I was willing to give it a try.
The trial for a month appealed to me because it allowed me to check if it really worked.
Yes, it does work, I climbed to about the 5th position. Highly recommended!
Paul Kleyngeld
Indeed the test keyword has risen quickly. This can be very interesting if it keeps working and proves to be affordable. In itself, I work only with resultdepending services for which the result is not just a SEO ranking but sales.
Jan Van Wassenhove
I have tried for months to reach number 1 with the keyword Thermomix, but I never managed because of the fierce competition. With Keyboost by Keyboost, I suddenly stood on the first position. No idea how they do it, but they seem to have the right tools. Congratulations!
In a short while to the first position in Google. Not for our most important keyword, but all the same. That is quick, we consider a further cooperation!
Keyboost has given our company a Keyboast, which has a positif result for our enterprise. Because of the knowledge of the SEO and linkbuilding specialists, I’m looking forward to what else they can mean for us.
Mohamed Lillotaxi
Excellent tool to boost website visibility. Very short time, perfect efficiency - recommended without limit!
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Within 1.5 week my website rose from 19th position to the 9th thanks to the trial of Keyboost nv. As an online tour operator, it is not easy to compete against the 'big boys'. Especially when concept and name are still unknown. Keyboost has made it possible to rank high in the organic search results in Google and that gave my website a boost directly. Thanks to the trial you can see what effect Keyboost has, without having to sign contracts for a long period. Hence a perfect trial!
Thomas Manfred Heijmans
Highly recommended. Keyboost arranged that within 4 days I went from a 19th to an 8th position and today to a 7th position in Google with heijmanswoningontruiming.
I’m very satisfied with this. I can definitely recommend it.
I’ve tested the Keyboost system and my site is now on the first page and it definitely makes a difference!!
Jeroen Bronkhorst
You sometimes see those Tellsell programs that show people a food processor or something that is always "amazing!" That’s how I feel now, because I'm genuinely surprised that you got my website within two weeks from 5th to 3rd place, in a fairly competitive environment. We will definitely talk about a follow-up!
Paul Rijcken
A system that seems quite efficient to me.
Was able to use the Keyboost boost on Google for a month. Indeed, the score of our website rose sharply on the internet. So a very good product Keyboost possesses and it keeps its promises. I would definitely recommend Keyboost in my network.
But our website is also special: take a look at bruidsmoederjurk dot com.
The Keyboost test, experimental evidence of their knowledge. Adequate selling point. Very satisfied.
Glasdiscount Bouwdiscount
Seems to work. I expect to reach the 1st position, at least!
Don’t know how they do it, but my website got on top quite fast.

I wanted to test the effectiveness of the Keyboost's SEO and confirm that it works well indeed. In a week we have gained more than 10 places in Google for the keyword "sushi Strasbourg". Thank you for your efficiency.
John Kruithof
Keyboost arranged that in 3 weeks time I went from a 5th to a 4th position and today to a 3th position in Google for 'secondhand fitness equipment’.
I’m quite satisfied with that. Highly recommended.
Mohammed Islam
I had the possibility to use Keyboost’s services. Thands to them, I have managed to reach a top position in a short period. Team Keyboost, thanks a lot!
Jerry Bosschart
I’ve had the opportunity to use the services of Keyboost. In a short periode I’ve managed to reach a top position. Team Keyboost, thanks a lot!
Geert Maris
The Keyboost test indeed proves that it works. We are definitely considering a cooperation!
Michiel Lap
Keyboost showed me a reasonable position improvement. In a short period of time, that has te be said. I wonder where it will lead on, but it definitely has my interest.
I experienced keyboost as very positive. In a few days, my site shot up like a rocket for my keyword. I will definitely consider using this service permanently.
Patricia Suekers
I thought: yet another one with a lot of promises. But because we could test it for free, we had nothing to lose. Indeed, the result was huge on Google search. In one week, we were already much higher in the rankings and even for two weeks on No. 2. The result was that customers no longer called for a sauna visit because they found us easily on google by the work of Keyboost. More revenue for us. We are also planning to cooperate with with them for our other websites. Thank you, I wish the team happy holidays and a lot of success..
Gerrit Denayer
As far as I can tell, so far, Keyboost works. In two weeks, my online store is positioned in the top 10... in all honesty, I was not expecting it. I'm curious to see more. It's great!
Thanks to the Keyboost test, our website ( saw its traffic INCREASE considerably for a few weeks (!). What has in fact resulted in an increased volume of orders. The test is highly recommended and is completely free. We were skeptical at first, but ultimately it was all benefical: it has cost us nothing and we made some extra money! Admittedly, this rarely happens...
Paul Weijenberg
In any case, Keyboost demonstrates that you can get on the first page in Google in just weeks. In any cawe the offer is very attractive and we plan to continue to use the service..
Annemieke Dubois
I was impressed by the efficiency of Keyboost test. Within days our company has improved its ranking in Google. Communication was professional, efficient, pragmatic, flexible and customer-focused. We are seriously considering collaboration! Thank you very much! Annemieke Dubois - Berkeley International Belgium
Stefaan Peeters
In one week, I rose from 54th place to 30th for the word "tuinmeubelen" (garden furniture). A very generic keyword. I'm curious for more...
Tanja Rakhou
Very professional company, great mastery of Google.
Gilbert Williams
I consider my experience with Keyboost very effective. In very little time, I reached the first page in Google. Very convincing. To be recommended! Gilbert Williams / Le Chique Wonen
Paul De Cooman
As an website administrator, I regularly get offers to help me get a better position in Google for our website. So far with disappointing results. The test with keyboost has meanwhile resulted in a significant advance in just 14 days. I look forward to continuing this collaboration.
It's great that you've managed to get to first place for my keyword, while it is a keyword for which strong competition exists. We closely monitor visits to our website via Google Analytics and hope that we will get similar results with other keywords.
Rudy Boute
I want to thank all collaborators for the dramatic results they got for my website over a short period (6 days), from the 6th to the 5th position, I was not expecting it at all, I want to say to all those who want to see their website advance, do not hesitate, there is only one address: Keyboost, they do what they promise. Again a large thank you.
Anne Vandelanotte
Useful information and tips on optimizing websites and positioning in Google. Recommendable. The keyword event planning quickly moved from 10th to 5th place in Google. Recommendable!
Rudi Slabbinck
Fantastic result, in one month of Keyboost, our website went from 89th place to 21st place. We're fully reviewing our SEO and will then move to a fixed long term Keyboost formula. Thanks again!!
Sebastiaan Wooning
In one week in second place in Google! That is promising for the coming period...
Ramses Ruinen
Finally a company that achieved the promised results. In one week we have improved our position. Classy! Ramlux
Long Lam
It had been promised that the toys-shop website would be part of the top 100, and it happened in less than two weeks! Top! Test highly recommended.
Freek Couvreur
Very positive experience. Our site soared. With more visibility as a result, of course.
Alexander Van Dijl
Nice! From I don't know which place to the 14th position in a few days :) Good job!
Angela Gierman
Very satisfied with the trial. Within a very short time my site can be found on page 2. Please send me an offer!
Tom Uittenbogert
Gebarentaal voor iedereen
This is a good service to get your link higher in Google. Really recommended to do this also for your website!
Very good solution to boost your website.
Keyboost works! Quite a few places risen in Google. Thanks!
Salah Akhtary
Taxi Startax Arnhem
Despite the heavy competition, my website has risen in eight days from position 4 to position 3, using Keyboost Keyboost. Highly recommended, I would not pass up the opportunity
Ronald Brandsma
This looks interesting! We will certainly have a chat with Keyboost and see what can be achieved. Nice how they have provided a free campaign to focus attention. Keyword had risen from position 11 to 7 within a week.
Taxi Arnhem Easytax
Just getting to know your company. Rapid communication and clear results. Strong points: received great input. And immediately implemented actions with quick result. Thanks on behalf of
Fred Lemmers
Completely satisfied with the results of Keyboost. In a very short time, our website chenefleur rose dramatically in the Google search results. We must now maintain our position and will be using 'Keyboost' on a continuing basis.
Muammer Akpancar
Fantastic that my website now has a great Google position, thanks to Keyboost.
In a few days, we rose from position 19 to position 10. This is an amazing performance, given that I gave Keyboost one of the hardest search terms for my niche. What is even more important is that my page can now be found on Google's first summary page for the specific search term, instead of the second page. Amazing!
Dominique Fokker
Over the past month, I have been using the trial boost to boost a search term. My first impression was that it couldn't be possible but I was wrong. The word that I boosted went from position 11/12 to the top 5!! Without any changes to the website. Various other, related search terms also rose around 2 of 3 positions. I see this as an absolute 'must' for independent businesses! A genuine Top boost, that's all there is to it!
Monique van Oost
A very satisfied user of Keyboost, a boost is always great and especially if you don't have much time to sort things out for yourself.
Evert Goossens
André Celis
Impressive! Risen from position 27 to position 4 in just 3 days!
Rajiib Das
Thanks to Keyboost, my website was at the top spot in Google in the blink of an eye. Great tool, great service, smooth communication! A very satisfied user!!
Brigitte Kater
Perfect Celebrations
Thanks for the trial. The results bore fruit just last weekend; I acquired a new customer because of you. Amazing! Thanks, Brigitte
Stijn Bauwens
Dakwerken Bauwens
Thanks to Keyboost, my website is at number 1 in Google when you search for 'dakwerken Roeselare'. Above all of my rivals and even above the Yellow Pages! My company is in the Yellow Pages too but who is to say that they'll click on me rather than the 20 other companies. No, I'd rather be 1st in google, then all the possible customers can see who is best in this region!
I was in 16th place and thanks to Keyboost I rose 5 places in a few days! A great result!
Michel De Backer
The results of your work were very clear in terms of Google position. I made the website as good as I could myself and then you worked on the necessary backlinks; I am very satisfied with the results. Thanks!
Ellen Van Gheem
Bloemenwinkel Azalea
In less than 1 week, to 1st place in Google with our most important keyword! Unbelievably quick!