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Learn how your web page performs with Google compared to the web pages that score highest

Google takes account of a number of parameters when calculating the value of a web page. This valuation determines how high this page comes in the list of search results, for searches which contain the keywords from the page.

Important parameters include the content components (tags) of a web page, ranked from most important to least important:


  1. Title tag
  2. Meta description              
  3. Headers
  4. Body
  5. Links
  6. Alt-information
  7. Bold
  8. Small
  9. Meta keywords
Seo Page Optimizer - summary

Thanks to SEO Page Optimizer, you will learn how your web page performs with Google for a specific keyword, compared to the average of the web pages that achieve top positions for that keyword. Reduce the difference between the tags from your website and the average and you will see that, in a very short time, your website will achieve a higher score with Google.

The benefits of SEO Page Optimizer one by one:

  • Completely free for one analysis per day. You only have to register and then confirm the registration by clicking on a link in the email message we send you.

  • For the same analysis, you can switch between the expanded results (for beginners) and a brief summary (for experienced users), with no extra costs.

  • You will see how your web page performs compared to the web pages that achieve top positions for the specific keyword in the Google search results. Adapt your web page until the figures for the various tags are as close as possible to the average figures and your web page is guaranteed to rise up the search results.

SeoPageOptimize - keywords and related words

  • You will be provided with a list of the keyword related words that Google considers to be important, including their value, expressed in a figure from 0 to 1. Use these related words to find an ideal balance between the times that the keyword occurs - too often = spam - and the times that other, but nevertheless significant related words occur in the text of the various tags.

  • The extended results give you precise instructions about how you can improve, the performance of your web page for each tag:
    • keyword used more often in the meta description,
    • related words used less often in the body (actual content),
    • keyword used more often in the first half of the header text, etc.

  • You would like to carry out more analyses per day? Open an online account and order several analyses. Do you need more? You can order more with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Try SEO Page Optimizer to carry out one free analysis per day. Register now.

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